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The Shred ALS Foundation has been able to help many families who have reached out to us, and this is where we highlight their stories and share them with our community.  Please allow us to continue helping these families and others by making a donation to the Shred ALS Foundation, and use the #shredals hashtag in your social media posts.  Together we can #shredals.

Shred ALS Foundation in 2022

During 2022, Shred ALS was able to help several families by donating grants to help with caregiving and home modification costs.  We also were able to give out gift cards to PALS at the Lou Gehrig Day game in Cincinnati.  Shred ALS has some exciting fundraisers planned for 2023.  We look forward to continuing to help ease some of the financial burden that comes with caring for PALS.  Look for SHRED ALS on June 2nd in Cincinnati at the next Lou Gehrig Day game!

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